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Hawk Mountain Designs

Art Prints on Paper

"Pine Marten"

"Native Farewell"

"Red Fox - The Spirit of Autumn"

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Only 2 very low numbered prints remain, please call for pricing.

"Broken Silence"

"NTA Commemorative Print"
Only 2 Prints Left!!

"The Coyote"

"The Brat Pack"

"The Little Muskrat"

"Kodiak Moment"

"The Fisher"

This print is very close to selling out. Only very low numbered prints remain. Please call for pricing. (614)-863-9456

"Bull Moose - King of the Northwoods"

"O.L. Butcher - Adirondack Trapper"

Only a few single digit print numbers remain. Please call for pricing and availabiltity.

"Coyote Fever"

"The American Free Trapper"

"Old Rip"

"The Season's Greeting"

"The Night Bandit"

American River Otter
Lower numbers available at various pricing

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"Frosty Gray Morning"

"E.J. Dailey"
Only a few prints remain, please call for pricing! 614-863-9456

Trapper Pride

“Red Fox - All Curled Up”
Lower numbers start at $75 - call for details!

“Spring Mink”
A rare early print - just a handful remain

"Spring Mink"
Numbers below 40

"Coyote Sunrise"

“A Shot on the Rocks”

"Snow Ghost - Canada Lynx"
Nearly Sold Out! Only a few low numbers remain. Call for pricing & availability.

"E.N. Woodcock - Master Bear Trapper"

Outdoor artist Joe Goodman is proud to release this limited edition of  150 signed and numbered prints titled "E.N. Woodcock - Master Bear Trapper".
E.N. Woodcock killed his first bear at age 13. His hunting and trapping  adventures in the Black Forest country mesmerized readers of Hunter-Trader-Trapper magazine, and laid the groundwork for becoming Pennsylvania's most famous master woodsman. His stories would later be compiled into a book titled "50 Years a Hunter and Trapper" published by A.R. Harding of Fur-Fish-Game magazine. Woodcock became an expert bear trapper who wrote one of the earliest books on trapping with detailed instructions that are still in practice today. 100% Acid Free Stock, 9.5" x 14".

“E.N. Woodcock - Master Bear Trapper”

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Maine Moose - Grande Monarch of the Allagash


"Stanley Hawbaker"
Just in time for the holidays, our newest print is of legendary trapper, author, lure maker and conservationist Stanley Hawbaker. Art prints are 11-1/2" x 15", and only 250 are available. Call for pricing on low numbers.

Stanley Hawbaker Print
$75.00 Each
"The Legends"

"Pine Marten"

     Outdoor artist Joe Goodman in partnership with the New York State Trappers Association is proud to release this limited edition titled "The Legends."  This series includes 200 signed and numbered prints featuring these legendary trappers from New York State: Art Crane, E.J. Dailey, O.L. Butcher, Pete Rickard, and Johnny Thorpe.
     We recognize these men as truly revolutionary in our sport, being instrumental in setting the standards and methods that allow trappers of today to be successful in the outdoors. These prints are 15" X 12" in size and are sure to be a collector's item. Please call for pricing and availability.